April 12, 2009

What are Desiree, German Butterball, Kerr's Pink, and La Ratte?


I am so excited that the potatoes have been planted in the garden.  These tubers require a long growing time and I'm curious to see how they will do this year.  We received a very nice assortment from Seed Savers Exchange.  I thought you might like viewing the rather interesting process of planting potatoes. Here are the varieties I ordered and descriptions of each.

Desiree - Popular red skinned mid-season variety from Holland introduced in 1962. Deep golden flesh with moist creamy texture, delicate flavor. Good disease resistance, very reliable and easy to grow, an excellent choice for a general cooking potato. 95-100 days.

German Butterball - First place winner in Rodale’s Organic Gardening "Taste Off." A good choice for roasting, frying and mashed potatoes. Russeted skin and buttery yellow flesh. One of our favorite all-purpose potato. Excellent for long-term storage. 100-120 days.

Yukon Gold - A favorite among gardeners, consumers and chefs. Delicious flesh is drier than most other yellow varieties, perfect for baking and mashing. Yellow flesh appears to be buttered. Bred and selected by AgCanada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food in 1966. Excellent yields and a great keeper. 80-90 days

Kerr's Pink - Scottish variety that was introduced to Ireland in 1917. round tubers, light-pink skin, fine-grained white flesh and red eyes. A good standard variety with excellent flavor. Good for boiling, baking, roasting and chipping. 100-120 days.

La Ratte - Long prized by French chefs as a top quality fingerling.  An absolute delight.  Long uniform tubers, yellow flesh with firm, waxy texture and a nice nutty flavor.  Holds together very well.  Especially good for potato salad or as a boiled potato.

Carola - Sunny yellow potato from Germany boasts a smooth, creamy texture and exceptional flavor. Suitable for baking or frying.

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