May 10, 2009

Twitter Survey

I tweeted the following question yesterday;

“ Why do you use twitter. this is a serious question. I am doing an interview tomorrow and need to have some real statistics help”

Here are the results from 1600 of the responses


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On Boredom
nameommited@MarthaStewart Sheer boredom at my job.

nameommited@MarthaStewart get bored at work sometimes

nameommited@MarthaStewart It is a good time waster and creates the illusion of being connected with others.

nameommited@MarthaStewart boredom and well what else is there to do on the net!!!.......time waster yep thats a big one

nameommited@MarthaStewart i use this coz i was bored with my exams...

nameommited@MarthaStewart I guess fun is the main reason, but mostly it gets me through boring classes...

MacDonaldvickymacdonald@MarthaStewart A way to share and stay connected in an era when many people telecommute or are unemploye.Takes the place of the water cooler

On Celebrities
TRMiteTRMite@MarthaStewart I use Twitter to harass celebrities. Srsly

ennifer Sherwinfreestylecook@MarthaStewart - I use twitter because it's interesting to see that celebrities aren't much different from the rest of us

Catherine McCrorymissleyden@MarthaStewart I follow mostly celebrities (like you) that I watch on TV to see what they do in their lives. So I know they are normal

Debbie ChartrandDebbieC03@MarthaStewart The only reason I use it is because for some reason the celebrities like this better than FB

Lori Bardenldsjb@MarthaStewart use twitter for access to celebrities you didn't have in the past-makes them seem more real

On Curiosity

Julia MacPhersonjuliamacpherson@MarthaStewart I am using Twitter out of curiousity, I wanted to see what it was all about. I figured I might spread some joy too!

yo4shortyo4short@MarthaStewart I use it mainly out of curiousity and informative...really enjoy the links posted by the people I follow....

# douglasl9douglasl9@MarthaStewart Just curious to know what people are doing / gives me a feel for their personality

On News and Information
Matthew RimiMattLouis@MarthaStewart, because it was pop-culture phenomena. it has changed the way people receive/transmit news and altered how we communicate.about

Unkie BuckieHottTrends@MarthaStewart I use Twitter to keep up with trends and discover news at it happens. Great way to keep up on news

Katie WeidnerKTKWeidner@MarthaStewart I like Twitter b/c I get my news right from the source. It is quick, brief and interactive.

Linda Tarry-Schulzlindalouoliver@MarthaStewart I use Twitter to follow local stuff (Global BC, 24, Abbotsford News

Debbie Luthidluthi04@MarthaStewart business and for fun, following sports scores and local news and weather

On Social Advertising

Jennifer ChicoineEnviousMoon@MarthaStewart I use twitter to help promote my Etsy shop. I joined a few weeks ago. http://enviousmoondesigns.e...

Connieglitzyorbit@MarthaStewart i use twitter to promote the charities i am involved in.. Kern Country Sheriffs activity league and Optimists Club

Kristen HernandezWritingMyHeart@MarthaStewart I use it to maket and promote my vacation travel agency as well as my blog

Michael Woytonwoyton@MarthaStewart I use it to promote my pet blog and to see what interesting people think and do

Carol LawrenceCollegePurse@MarthaStewart I use Twitter to promote my bus. and share health and wellness info. A website for NCAA fans. Collegiate handbags

rebecca cabaneensiesmama@MarthaStewart primarily to promote my blog/find new readers, but it's also become a way to find interesting content for my blog

On Social Networking/Communication

Shellymswright13@MarthaStewart To communicate with the masses. The ordinary to the extraordinary

Swapna Raghu SanandSvara@MarthaStewart, uses:boundaryless communication, information, sharing of instant thoughts, connecting to the whole world in a click

Flaminia Festucciaflaminia85@MarthaStewart I'm a journalist, therefore the principal use is communication with other journalists all over the world.

Jody K. Devoted_Harpie@MarthaStewart It's a fun, easy way to keep up with everyone. Especially my kids while they're at school, and friends at work

Toni Walkertwalk59@MarthaStewart My daughter posts pictures of my grandson