June 29, 2009

Nikki and Nora from my TV show come up to work hard at the farm

When my television show ended for the season this past spring, I asked Nikki Elkins and Nora Singley, who work in the studio prep kitchen, if they would be interested in spending a few days at my Bedford farm. Since they have a keen interest in food, they agreed that working in the garden would be an enlightening experience and Shaun, my gardener, was happy to give them some tasks.

In this photo gallery, you will see Nora gathering eggs at the chicken coop. What I don't have pictures of is what happened to her one morning when Nora and Nikki wanted fresh eggs for their breakfast. Nora visited the chickens, removed four eggs from under a hen and cradled them against her chest. Suddenly, a rooster swooped down and pecked her. Nora was so startled by this and those eggs she collected were broken and dripping down the front of her shirt. So much for that plan.

Apologies! This image gallery is no longer available.
Photos By Eliad Laskin