July 24, 2009

Shopping for clothes at Jill McGowan, Inc and Lunch at Duckfat

Continuing on with our road trip, we soon approached the historic and vibrant coastal city of Portland, Maine. Portland is the state's largest city and it offers unspoiled landscapes of this amazing Casco Bay region. There is so much to do and see here. One of our stops was to Jill McGowan, Inc. Jill is a clothing designer who believes in creating beautiful clothing that is comfortable, fashionable, and of good quality that will never go out of style.

After trying on these lovely garments, no one, except for petit Jill Dienst, felt much like eating. However, we wanted to check out Duckfat, a little European style fry and sandwich place owned by Chef Rob Evans and his partner, Nancy Pugh, the owners of another fabulous Portland eatery right across the street, Hugo's. Chef Rob Evans actually won the James Beard award this year for the Best Chef of the Northeast for his excellence at Hugo's.

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