August 14, 2009

A trip to Satur Farms on the North Fork

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, Andrea, my garden editor from television and I went on a field trip to the North Fork of Long Island in search of plants and inspiration for new television segments.  I called my friends, Eberhard Müller and his wife, Paulette Satur to ask if we might stop by their farm in Cutchogue for a visit.  I first met Eberhard when he opened the famed New York City restaurant, Le Bernardin, along with Gilbert LeCoze.  His fabulous work in the kitchen earned him four-stars from the New York Times.  He later was the Chef of Lutece after Andre Soltner retired and then became the Executive Chef at Bayard's.  Paulette was working successfully in New York City in the wine business.

Their lives began to change when they purchased a farm on the North Fork where they grew vegetables and herbs for Eberhard's restaurant.  Friends and colleagues began asking if they could buy some of their beautiful produce.  Paulette, who grew up on a farm and has a background in horticulture, decided to move to the farm and expand this new business and Eberhard eventually retired from the restaurant world to join her.  Today, they farm 180 acres on the North Fork and have 150 acres in Florida.  They are dedicated to growing the finest vegetables and culinary ingredients and it's admirable and so much fun to see how their business has grown.

I was so thrilled that Eberhard offered to cook lunch for me and my travelers.  As you can imagine, lunch was fabulous with only the freshest of ingredients used.  After a most pleasant dining experience, Eberhard and Paulette took us on a tour of their farm and facilities, which, by the way, are always expanding.  Please enjoy these photos taken with my Canon G10.