September 11, 2009

A helicopter ride over the lavender fields in the South of France

I was looking through my photo archives and realized that I never blogged about my trip to the lavender fields in the South of France early in the summer. I developed a love for lavender as a small girl. My father grew it in his very sunny garden in Nutley, New Jersey. We watched the blossoms carefully and harvested them when their fragrance was at its peak. The stems were lined up and tied into neat little bundles, which my father proudly hung upside in our kitchen to dry. The bundles were given away as gifts and also made into fabulously fragrant sachets that we tucked into bureaus and closets. Of course, when I had a garden of my own, lavender was one of the first things I planted.

The South of France is famous for its lavender fields and the town of Grasse is the capital of the French perfume industry. One of the large perfume houses established there is Mane, one of the worldwide leaders in the fragrance and flavor design industry with locations worldwide. Michel Mane, president of Mane USA was kind enough to give us a guided tour of this spectacular area. Please enjoy these photos taken with my Canon G10 and Panasonic LX3.