September 23, 2009

My Pumpkin Patch from Seed to Harvest

Because a pumpkin patch usually isn't the most attractive looking garden, we have situated it in a far corner of my farm, where the vines are free to ramble at will. Last spring was very cold and wet and Shaun, my gardener, finally planted the seeds towards the end of June. I like a great variety of cucurbits (pumpkins and gourds) and Shaun, with Wilmer's assistance, planted more than 30 different kinds. Here is the pumpkin patch from start to present day.

A list of what was planted - Turks Turban, Lebanese White Bush Marrow, Snake, Apple, Marina Di Chioggia, Autumn Wings , Galeux d'Eysine, Ten Commandments, Boston Marrow, Dinosaur, Kakai, Rouge Vif d'Etampes, Birdhouse, American Tondo, Wolf, Sweet Dumpling, Corsican, Queensland Blue, Golden Hubbard, Potimarron, Dipper, Musquee De Provence, Long island Cheese, Warty Long Hardhead, Bule, Connecticute Field Pumpkin, Confection, Triamble, Red Warty Thing, Costata Romanesco, Warty Pumpkin, Thick Margin Silver Seed, Jarrahdale, Knucklehead, Costata Romanesco, and Specialty Bliss

Sources - Homestead Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange and Johnny's

Photos By Eliad Laskin