October 22, 2009

Clearing my woods for the tub grinder!

As many of you know, I feel very strongly about composting. In fact, an entire corner of my property is devoted to that process. I just love the fact that all of my garden beds are top-dressed and enriched with gorgeous compost made right here on the farm. I like to think of it as black gold - the nutrient-rich result of an ageless ecological process.

One large pile in my compost area is devoted to brush, branches, logs, and stumps. All of this matter will eventually decompose, however, to speed things up considerably, we bring in a machine called a tub grinder. This grinding apparatus is scheduled to arrive within the next week or two and I cannot wait to show you what a fantastic job it does. In the meantime, my grounds crew has been busy clearing the woods of all the fallen braches and other debris and adding that to the pile.