October 1, 2009

Logee's comes to visit

Last Monday, Byron and Laurelynn Martin of Logee's , came to visit my farm in Bedford. Logee's is located in Danielson, Connecticut way up in the Northeastern corner of that state. I have been purchasing plants from their catalog for many years and you may recall seeing Byron as a guest on my television show, sharing his extensive knowledge of tropical plants for the home and garden. Logee's has been in business since 1892, with a focus on the exotic and unusual. And a visit to their greenhouses is a wondrous and enchanting experience.

Byron and Laurelynn were so kind to present me with a gorgeous papaya tree and brought Shaun, my gardener, a collection of amazing plants, including:

Dionaea muscipula, Nepenthes ventricosa, Drosera adelae, Pinguicula pimuliflora, Drosera spathulata, Stapelia scitula, Stapelia variegata, Osmanthus fragrans fundingzhu, Philodendron gloriosum, Osmanthus fragrans, Piper magnificum, Piper nigrum, Grevillea thelemanniana, Stapelia flavopororea, Senecio rowleyanus, Philodendron 'congo rojo', Kalanchoe pumila, Stapelia gigantean, Philodendron 'pink princess', Vanilla planifolia variegatum, and Strongolodon macrobotrys.