October 6, 2009

Shopping for Japanese Maples

You may recall one of my blogs from last autumn when I took you on a photo tour of my friends, Michael and Judy Steinhardt's, most gorgeous Japanese maple grove.   I have always loved Japanese maples and really wanted to plant such a grove at my farm in Bedford.  This dream moved a step closer to reality this past summer, when I went shopping for plants on the North Fork of Long Island, New York, with my television gardener, Andrea Mason.  One of the wholesale nurseries that we visited in Cutchogue, New York, is called Environmentals,  owned by my friend, Connie Cross.  Environmentals specializes in rare and unusual plants and when I was there, I noticed an entire hoop house filled with potted Japanese maples.  Last week, I sent Shaun, my gardener, to do a little shopping.  Shaun went through the entire hoop house and brought back 117 trees, consisting of forty different cultivars.  Shaun and his crew got busy with the planting and I'll show you that entire process very soon.