November 13, 2009

What is a tub grinder?

As you know from reading this blog, I am a very serious gardener and am very serious about my compost yard.  About once a year, we hire a tub grinder to help us out.  In the course of the year, my ground's crew amasses quite a large pile of organic debris from the farm including stumps, logs, and brush.  All of this material will eventually decay, however, to speed the process up by many years, a tub grinder is necessary.  Basically, material is fed into this large piece of equipment, where it is hammered into much finer wood chips, accelerating the decomposition of this organic matter.

Dan Repola, of Material Processors, located in Spring Valley, New York, has been at the farm working hard on this project.  Once all the wood has gone through the tub grinder, Dan passes it through a second time to make it even finer.  He also screens the older piles of decaying matter, turning them into the dark and rich compost that I like to call 'black gold.'  I hope you enjoy these photos of this amazing process.