January 25, 2010

Are you Martha clean?

On a recent episode of the Martha Stewart Show, I showcased our new Martha Stewart Clean line of products, which are now available at The Home Depot.  I wanted my products to have all the cleaning power of those time-honored homemade solutions I’d used all my life, but to be convenient for busy consumers and safe for their families, their pets, and every surface in their homes.  Every Martha Stewart Clean product is made from more than 99% plant- and mineral-based ingredients, with no artificial colors or preservatives added. We’ve also eliminated sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, a compound found in many cleaning products, that is known to irritate the skin.  Martha Stewart Clean products are also naturally “clean-fragranced”.  The artificial fragrances and strong chemical odors so common in other cleaners are absent, with only the natural, clean scent of the plant-based ingredients remaining.  The result is that our products always leave your home, your hands, and your clothing smelling clean and fresh.  Plus, they are budget friendly.  I hope you try our products for yourselves. More more information on keeping your house clean - please visit our fantastic new homekeeping solutions center!