January 29, 2010

Bathing my doggies

As you may know, I have finally added a new Chow-Chow puppy into my family of pets. Ghenghis Khan, or G.K. for short, is a descendant of my beloved Paw-Paw, born to Karen Tracy of Pizzazz Chows. G.K.'s father is Maddox, who is Paw-Paw's grandson and the number one Chow in this country. G.K. is now ten weeks old and he has made the transition into his new home superbly well. He has the sweetest temperament, is very curious and brave, and is a most adorable puppy. As expected, Francesca and Sharkey were not too keen about accepting this new family member, as cute as he is. After a couple of days, however, Sharkey warmed to the idea, but Francesca is taking a bit longer. Recently, the Frenchies needed a bath and the new puppy was there to supervise. Please enjoy these photos of G.K. and F & S! Don't forget to see their account of things on their blog The Daily Wag!