February 2, 2010

The Coldest Day Of Winter On My Farm

I had a very pleasant and productive time at home last Saturday.  I cleaned out and organized many closets, which I find to be a relaxing task.  On the weekends, my housekeeper, Lily, comes to stay.  Lily is of Chinese descent and she happens to be an excellent cook of her native cuisine.  She arrives with authentic ingredients from New York City's Chinatown and is happy to cook for me.  Lily is rather famous for her chicken soup and my friend, Memrie, came to enjoy a steaming bowl of that wonderful elixir. The weather outside was rather brutal.  My farm is situated in a natural wind tunnel, and considering the wind chill, the temperatures were subzero.  Despite that fact, after a delicious lunch, Memrie and I felt fortified and went for a walk around the grounds, accompanied by the new puppy, G.K. and Francesca.  Sharkey opted to stay curled up in her nice warm bed.