March 3, 2010

The Pounding Waves of Mt. Desert

Last week, we posted a blog entitled 'Snow Shots from Mt. Desert.'  These were photos taken by my housekeeper, Cheryl DuLong, after Mt. Desert Island was blanketed over so beautifully with snow.  Last Friday, when yet another storm pounded the Northeast, Mt. Desert received a fair share of rain.  At 6:30 in the morning, Cheryl and a friend, set out to explore Ocean Drive, to capture the awe of nature, this time using a Canon PowerShot G9.  Cheryl is the first to admit that she loves the force and the energy of the ocean, and that she has a healthy respect for it.  At no time did she dare venture out onto the rocks.  Her amazing shots were all taken from the safety of the road or path, a section of which remains open to the public during the winter.  I think you'll agree that these shots are incredible, however, Cheryl is sorry they do not convey the sound of the pounding surf or the sheer emotion felt while standing there.