April 30, 2010

Comisac's - a Great Place to Buy Trees

It's no secret that I love trees - all kinds of trees - and that I love planting and watching trees grow at my farm.  About a year ago, I learned about Comisac Nursery in nearby Bedford Hills, New York.  I like to think of this place as a pop-up venture that provides the public with a very special product.  Mike Comisac explained to me that they have tree farms in Pennsylvania and New York State, where they grow large specimen trees.  They wanted to supply the area where I live with these trees, selling them direct from the growers.  In fact, Comisac is the only wholesale yard in the area that sells directly to the public.  I recently went there and purchased seventeen beautiful trees, which are in the process of being planted right now.  Comisac is also known for the auctions that they hold during the year.  This Sunday, May 2nd, they will be auctioning off approximately 1,000 amazing trees.  This is a really fun event to attend and a chance to get really good buys on mature trees, shrubs, and bushes.  Maybe I'll see you there!