June 17, 2010

A Visit With King in the Rainforest

A couple of days ago, I shared with you the amazing experience we had exploring the canopy walkways through the rainforest of Malaysian Borneo.  When we descended the canopy, we continued our exploration through the luxuriant, dense environment below, hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the native primates that live in the rainforest.  One such creature is the oran-utan - also spelled orang-utan.  In Malay, "orang" means "man" and "utan" means forest; hence the term, "man of the forest."  Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, oran-utans are seen only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.  We were not disappointed as our knowledgeable and informed guides led us to an encounter with King, the magnificent, who reigns supreme over this region of the rainforest.