June 3, 2010

The KL Bird Park - Birds Galore!

On day three in Kuala Lumpur, we arose early so that I could appear on Channel 7, the local television station.  After that, we rushed off to the amazing KL Bird Park, where all of us wanted to go.  Established in 1991, this beautiful park is home to more than 2,000 birds of approximately 200 species, both local and foreign.  More than 20 acres in size, KL Bird Park is the world's largest outdoor aviary with more than 4 acres covered with high netting.  This allows the birds to move about freely and also breed in a seemingly natural habitat.  Visitors are also free to share this incredible space while visiting the colorful and melodic birds.  It was such an exciting experience and Sophie, Memrie, and I had so much fun!