July 23, 2010

Join me for a Boat Ride to Little Cranberry Island!

After spending the day getting things at Skylands into ship-shape order, I was so pleased to receive a dinner invitation from my friends and Seal Harbor neighbors, Ed and Jean Lipkin.  They asked me and my guests to join them for a boat ride to Little Cranberry Island.   The town of Cranberry Isles consists of five islands and only two of them are inhabited year round - Great Cranberry and Little Cranberry.  They're called "Cranberry" because of the low-bush cranberries that grow right on the dry ground.  Little Cranberry is about a thirty-minute trip from Seal Harbor, with most of its small populace concentrated in the charming village of Islesford.  Our dining destination was the Islesford Dock Restaurant, a well run and friendly establishment.  Upon landing, we strolled around the dock area and visited the very productive Islesford Pottery Shop.    Please enjoy these photos of a very special place.

[albumid2 id=SkylandsBoatRideIslesfordDockAndCraftsLadyDAY2]