July 13, 2010

Poison Ivy at Bollywood Veggies

After our exciting visit to TK Pottery Jungle, we took a short drive to Bollywood Veggies, a ten-acre organic farm owned by Ivy Singh-Lim, who goes by the name Poison Ivy, and her husband Ho Seng Lim.  Poison Ivy is outspoken in what she believes, and she admits that some people are afraid of her and she thought the name was fitting.  Ivy and her husband worked for many years in the corporate world and in 2001, rather than retiring, invested in the land and in farming to inspire others to think about Singapore’s long-term sustainability.  The name “Bollywood” comes from Ivy’s Indian heritage and her love of singing and dancing.  With a lot of joyful hard work, the farm is quite successful.  More than 100 varieties of plants are grown on the farm, including native fruits that are rarely used in popular foods today.  Ivy believes in the importance of educating visitors about these traditional fruits.