July 21, 2010

The Final Blog From Singapore

You may recall that on our third and final day in Singapore, we visited the TK Pottery Jungle,  where I had the honor of lighting the enormous dragon kiln.  We then toured the organic gardens at Bollywood Veggies and met the energetic owner, Poison Ivy.  Our next stop was a pet shop that our pet expert, Marc Morrone,  told us about.  I can’t seem to get enough of birds, birds, and more birds!  Then it was off to the Capella Hotel,  where we stayed during our time in Singapore, to shoot another television segment.  Open since March of 2009, Capella combines the masterful restoration of two colonial buildings dating from 1880 with a brand new wing, bringing in touches of Asian and Western flair.  The design is amazingly beautiful and I had the pleasure of meeting Wei-Lin Kwee, whose family owns Capella.  Wei-Lin worked closely on the design of Capella and she kindly discussed with me the unique architecture and amazing landscape of this fabulous resort. I certainly hope you have enjoyed this travelogue of our exciting adventures in Southeast Asia.