October 29, 2010

Rotating the Carpet in my Dining Room

Last week when I spent a day working from home, I decided that it was time to rotate the carpet in the formal dining room.  To ensure even wear, it’s a good idea to rotate a carpet about once a year.  The carpet in my dining room is sisal, a theme I have used throughout my home.  My dining table and sideboard are early 19th-century Sheraton.  The Sheraton style is known for its straight lines and its slender legs, which taper towards the feet.  The bird portraits on the walls are limited edition prints by Belgium-based contemporary artist, Carsten Höller.

Obviously, to perform this task of carpet rotation, you must remove all furniture first.  That’s easy to do with small side tables and chairs, but what about larger pieces like dining tables and sideboards?  You’ll see from this blog that it helps to have many hands and good strong backs!