November 2, 2010

An Autumn Visit to the Steinhardts

This past weekend, I visited my friends, Michael and Judy Steinhardt, who live on an amazing piece of property near my home in Bedford.  The beautiful landscaping is an ongoing project of Jerome and Carole Rocherolle, of Shanti Bithi Nursery in Stamford, Connecticut.  You may recall from previous blogs that the Steinhardts keep a rather large menagerie of exotic animals.  Many of those animals were bred by the venerable Don Shadow, who is also one of America’s leading growers of trees and shrubs in Tennessee.  Don was also visiting the Steinhardts for the weekend and it’s always great spending time with him, absorbing his vast knowledge of animals and horticulture.  Enjoy these photos taken at this exotic wonderland.

[albumid2 id=BlogAVisitToTheSteinhardtSToSeeTheAutumnChanges]