November 16, 2010

What I'm Reading on my Sony Reader and Remembering my Mother

I am asked quite often what I am currently reading on my Sony Reader , so I’ve decided to start sharing those books here on my blog.  I recently went with my television crew to Churchill, Manitoba, to film the annual polar bear migration.  To familiarize myself with the climate, I decided to read an extraordinary book, Cold: Adventures in the World’s Frozen Places. It’s a captivating account of the life, history, and ecology of extreme and inhospitably cold climates.  The author, Bill Streever, a research biologist, passes along a vast amount of scientific facts and brings them all to life through an engaging narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The book begins with a 5-minute plunge into the 35-degree water of Prudhoe Bay about 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle, so vividly written that I found myself shivering.

If you decide to also read this book, post your comments here or tweet with #booksimreading.  And please watch my show on Monday, December 6th to see my interview with author Bill Streever.  Until then, I hope you stay cozy and warm.  Please enjoy these photos that I took in Canada!