December 6, 2010

On My Show Today - It's a Cold One!

Remember a few weeks ago, I told you I was reading Cold: Adventures in The World’s Frozen Places.  Well, that book has inspired me to create an entire show all about cold, which, by the way, airs today at 10AM on The Hallmark Channel.  If you need help finding The Hallmark Channel in your area, click here.  I’m very happy to tell you that Bill Streever, the author of Cold, is going to be on the show with me to tell us more about his year-long search for really low temperatures.  I hope that many of you have been reading along with me on your Sony Readers. And please remember to tweet share your thoughts about the book with me - use the special hash tag #booksimreading.  In honor of Bill’s home state, we’ve invited Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live to help me make a beautiful Baked Alaska.  And I’m also going to show my video from my rather cold journey to Churchill, Manitoba to witness the annual polar bear migration.  I hope you’ll tune in.