January 21, 2011

iPad Users! Martha Stewart Living Magazine Goes Digital!

When I was first introduced to the Apple iPad, I knew I wanted my magazine, Martha Stewart Living, featured on its screen.  You may recall my blog about Boundless Beauty, our very first digital magazine, created specifically for the iPad.  Boundless Beauty, with its lovely unfurling peony on the cover, was warmly received and now, I am very happy to announce that Living has just launched its first monthly digital issue for the iPad and you can preview and download the February edition here.  Seeing our content come to life in an entirely new format is not only visually exhilarating, but also a fascinating exercise in thinking about all the exciting possibilities that this new medium has to offer.  Nearly every page has some fantastic digital extra from pop-ups to videos.  For iPad users, this is really the best of both worlds – interesting stories and beautiful photography, as well as informative digital extras.  Please let us know what you think.