January 18, 2011

The Emergency Room Snowstorm and great clip from CNN

UPDATE: Please let me know what you think of this CNN clip!

I want to start this blog off by thanking you for all of the hundreds of kind words of concern for my speedy recovery after receiving a head-butt from my beloved dog, Francesca.  Thank you also for sharing similar injuries that many of you have experienced with your pets.  As I stated, this event happened at the beginning of a rather severe snowstorm.  When I returned from the emergency room, I took a couple of photos of the fallen snow before going to bed.  As expected, the next morning, I was pretty much snowed in and I took advantage of the situation and got plenty of bed rest.  Normally, I would be out in the elements taking photos, but I asked Mike Fiore, my property director, to cover for me.  He happily obliged and snapped this grouping with his new Nikon D90, a Christmas gift from his wife.

[albumid2 id=MikeFioreSnowPhotos02]