March 29, 2011

Spring Babies at Rainbeau Ridge

Spring is in the air and for my friend and neighbor, Lisa Schwartz of Rainbeau Ridge, that means it’s an especially busy time at her produce and dairy farm.  You may recall that Lisa produces award-winning tangy and delicious goat cheese from the milk her goats produce.  Spring is the goat-birthing season and she expects more than 40 does to kid, hopefully producing 40 new milkers.  This is Lisa’s 9th season of raising goats and it was interesting to learn that for the first time this past year, she introduced four new does from outside the gene pool to, hopefully, bring in new favorable traits to her herd.  Proof will be in the cheese.

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The Birth of Twin Kids at Rainbeau Ridge

Photos By Martha Stewart @marthastewart and Eliad Laskin @joemartha