April 6, 2011

A Persian Inspired Dinner at my Home

Perhaps you saw my television show when Najmieh Batmanglij appeared and shared some fabulous recipes from her impressive book called Food of Life:  Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies. In honor of the Persian New Year, the first day of spring, Najmieh prepared wonderful and fragrant braised lamb shanks and a special basmati rice recipe.  I loved her cooking so much that I asked my friend, Chef Pierre Schaedelin to use some of her recipes and prepare a beautiful dinner for a group of editors from my magazine.  As Pierre cooked throughout the day, amazing aromas filled the air and I couldn’t wait for my guests to arrive.  Enjoy these photos taken by me and Pierre.

[albumid2 id=PersianDinnerAtMyHome32611AddPierreSPhotos]