July 20, 2011

New Carpeting for the Tenant House

My farm in Bedford has several buildings, including one, which has always been called the tenant house.  The little cottage was part of the original farm when I purchased it and it was, indeed, used as a rental for a tenant.  Like some of the other buildings, it was completely restored from top to bottom.  Over the years, it’s seen little use, but I recently decided to have it redecorated and make it baby-friendly for when my daughter, Alexis, and my granddaughter, Jude, come to visit.  Because of a floor-finishing error, the wooden floors in the tenant house have been notoriously slippery, so I decided that carpeting would be part of the plan.  I love sisal throughout a house, but natural sisal rugs are a bit rough to walk on with bare feet, let alone to crawl on.  So, I visited my friends at New York Carpet in Westport, Connecticut to see what my options would be.  I was very pleased that they had a sisal alternative called Sisalon, a woven synthetic material, manufactured by Design Materials, Inc., which is quite soft on the feet.  I hope you enjoy this blog about a custom wood margin installation in the tenant house.

[albumid2 id=CarpetInstallNeedFinalShots]