August 17, 2011

A Guest Blog From Puerto Rico

Anduin Havens, a Supervising Production Designer on my TV show, recently traveled to Puerto Rico and would like to share this blog posting:

Last July, my family and I traveled to Puerto Rico for a six-day vacation.  My dear friend, Araina, and her twin boys were spending five weeks in Trujillo Alto with her grandfather and uncles.  While we spent a large part of our trip on the soft sand beaches of Isla Verde in San Juan, we did go into the mountains of Trujillo Alto to meet my friend’s family.  It was quite an adventure to drive through the countryside.  The local houses are built into the sides of the mountains and expand vertically as families need more space.  The vegetation is so lush and vibrant.  The flamboyant trees have amazing red flowers and are home to four-foot-long iguanas.  For lunch, we picked a breadfruit off the backyard tree and made tostones.  Breadfruit, or pana, is a very starchy fruit that has a potato-like flavor, similar to fresh-baked bread.  While tostones are commonly made with plantains, breadfruit is an excellent choice, as well.

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