August 4, 2011

Our Interns Meet Some of our Executives and Also Play Ping Pong!

As in past years, we at MSLO, opened our doors from June 13th to August 5th, to a group of college students and recent graduates who work as interns in various departments of the company.  The program is designed to give undergraduate students, who have completed their junior year of studies, or graduate students currently enrolled in an advanced degree program, on the job training and work experience at MSLO’s headquarters in New York City.  This summer there were a total of fifty-six interns working in our Broadcast, Corporate, Publishing, Merchandising, and Web sectors and have been valued members of their departments.  This program is designed for interns to network with their peers as well as with their full-time colleagues.  Networking breakfasts, lunches, and events are scheduled throughout the program, including a weekly speaker series with MSLO’s executives.  Emily Borgeest, a second-year intern and a student at Syracuse University, has been busy doing a variety of projects at my New York and Bedford offices and shares her photos of some of those events.

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