November 4, 2011

My New Book - Martha's Entertaining, A Year of Celebrations

You may have heard by now that I just launched a brand new book called Martha’s Entertaining, A Year of Celebrations. Last Thursday evening, I invited friends and colleagues to join me at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City to celebrate its release.  This six-pound weighty tome comes more than thirty-years since I wrote my first book, Entertaining, and a great deal has transpired in that time.  The basic tenets of good entertaining remain the same, but the interest in global cuisine and its preparation, in so-called exotic ingredients, and in distinctive table settings and lush flower arrangements has flourished.  Everyone wants secrets and shortcuts, tips and hints, easy instructions, fabulous recipes they can trust, and above all, new inspiration, so their own adventures in entertaining can be ever more unique, more extraordinary, and more innovative.  With this book, I offer my insights regarding this subject matter.

I must thank Kevin Sharkey, for his indefatigable assistance in the creation of the parties photographed for this book.  And Chef Pierre Schaedelin, for his expertise in my kitchens and for sharing so many of his delicious recipes with all of us.  And also Frédéric Lagrange, for his keen eye for beauty – whether that beauty is found in nature, in people, or in food and flowers.  I would also like to thank Linda Fargo and the wonderful team at Bergdorf Goodman, including Casey Rodgers, Jessica Gioia-Zotts, Ginny Hershey-Lambert, Mallory Andrews, Nicholas Manville, and Lauren Picciano.

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