December 15, 2011

Arriving in Australia and a Tour of Historic Bronte House

Last Thursday afternoon, I boarded a plane, with Kevin Sharkey, and headed to Australia to take part in the Global Leadership Forum, held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center.  I was asked, along with actor and activist George Clooney and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, to lead a line-up of six internationally acclaimed business leaders who presented at this inaugural Global Leadership Forum.  The flight to Australia was long – fifteen hours!  We landed in Sydney at 8:20am on Saturday morning.  After checking into our hotel and having some time to energize, we headed out to the Bronte section of Sydney for lunch with my friend, Matt Handbury.  Matt, a nephew of Rupert Murdoch, is the owner and CEO of Murdoch Books.  When I visited Australia more than ten years ago, Matt generously hosted my time in Sydney.  He was anxious to give me a tour of his latest home and gardens, the historic 1845 Bronte House, where he lives with his wife, Clare Strang.  Bronte House, overlooking Bronte Beach, is council-owned and the Handburys took on the house and gardens as caretakers with a lease.  Once a year, the spectacular gardens are open to the public and they are really worth seeing!

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