February 27, 2012

On The Today Show With Everyday Food Light

When it came time to start working on the third volume in the Everyday Food cookbook library, the editors and I quickly agreed on what it should offer:  a collection of low-calorie, low-fat dishes for all of us who want to eat healthy yet flavorful meals, every day.  The “light” issue of the magazine, published each January, is always a top seller on newsstands and a favorite among our subscribers (as we learn from their many appreciative letters and e-mails).  In Everyday Food Light, you’ll find a year’s worth of recipes, organized by season, each with fewer than 500 calories (and a minimal amount of fat).  We hope you try them all!

And since we know how helpful it is to have the nutritional breakdown beside each recipe, that’s where you’ll find it in the book, just like in the magazine.  We’ve also shared our favorite low-fat cooking methods (like steaming and roasting), kitchen tools, and flavor boosters–plus tips for making smart substitutions and other ways to lighten up your favorite dishes (look for “Why It’s Light” in the headnote).  Our goal with Everyday Food Light, and with the magazine, is to help you create quick, delicious, and healthy dinners on your own, all through the week.

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