April 25, 2012

Where to Plant a Truffle Grove?

Back in 2007, we shot a television field segment in North Carolina with Franklin Garland, of Garland Truffles, along with his wife, Betty, pioneered truffle growing in the Western Hemisphere and produced the first commercially grown truffles in the United States in 1992.  Truffles, a fungus that grow beneath the ground, are decadently delicious and probably one of the most exotic and costly delicacies, prized by chefs all over the world.  They are also quite fascinating and part of that fascination comes from how they're grown and gathered.  Recently, I started to think that wouldn’t it be fun to harvest my very own truffles?  I put a call through to Franklin, who happened to be visiting someone near my farm and he had the time to meet with me.

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