May 17, 2012

Attending a Benefit for Robin Hood

On Monday evening, I went to a very important benefit in New York City for Robin Hood that I try to attend every year.  Robin Hood is New York’s largest private poverty-fighting organization, started in 1988 by Paul Tudor Jones, the founder of Tudor Investment Corp.  Over the past 24 years, Robin Hood has contributed more than $1.1 billion to hundreds of the best poverty-fighting programs in New York City.  In addition, Robin Hood finds, funds, and supports schools and programs that generate meaningful results for families in New York’s poorest neighborhoods.  At the benefit, it was announced that Robin Hood recently partnered with the X PRIZE Foundation to launch a series of incentivized prize competitions designed to unite people from around the world to find solutions to the problems of poverty in New York City and beyond.  After an evening of evangelical-like fundraising, it was announced that Robin Hood raised a staggering $57 million!

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