June 22, 2012

A June Tour of the Farm

I thought I’d give you an update from around my farm.  It’s no secret that I love growing my own produce and regular readers of this blog know that we grow vegetables all winter long, right in the ground, in a greenhouse called the coldhouse.  I am very excited now because the outside vegetable garden has been planted and is growing quite nicely.  Plus, it’s berry season and that harvest is underway.  People always ask me what I do with so much produce.  In addition to what I prepare and eat, I use a lot of it whenever I entertain.  I’m also very happy to share with family and friends.  My daughter, Alexis, is cooking all the time with what is grown and she makes wonderful and nutritious baby food.  I also have many, many chickens, who benefit enormously from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.  They lay the best eggs because of it!

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