June 5, 2012

News about The Home Depot Garden Club and Images of my Farm

NEWSFLASH!  I just joined The Home Depot Garden Club!  I’m very excited to become part of a community that loves gardening as much as I do.  I can’t wait to share with the Garden Club my favorite planting ideas, photos, and recipes, and tips for using my Martha Stewart Living seed and tools from The Home Depot.  With so much coming to life in my gardens, now is the perfect time to get started!  Click here to find out more!

After returning from Morocco on Saturday, I went directly to a wedding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My publicist, Susan Magrino’s stepson, got married to a lovely bride.  After returning to my home late that evening, I stayed put all day Sunday and got to enjoy the farm.  Late in the afternoon, the sky was putting on quite a spectacular show for me and I grabbed my camera and took some amazing photos.  Here they are for all of you to see and also updates from around the farm.

[albumid2 id=CrazyBeautifulSkiesOverTheFarm]