August 8, 2012

Stephanotis, the Wedding Plant

I have always wanted to grow stephanotis ever since I was first introduced to this amazing plant many years ago.  I was running my catering business in Westport, Connecticut and one of my wholesale flower suppliers was Greens Farms Flowers, also located at the time in Westport.  I was wandering through their extensive greenhouses when I came upon a massive stephanotis plant in full glorious bloom.  I used those flowers to design a very special wedding bouquet.  I threaded the deliciously fragrant flowers onto white satin ribbons, creating floral streamers trailing from the bouquet.  It was a very beautiful effect and the bride was thrilled.  When I moved to my farm in Bedford, I planted stephanotis in my greenhouse and who knew these plants would grow so well and bloom so prolifically!  They’re doing so well, in fact, that it was time to move them into larger pots.  I hope you enjoy this posting about stephanotis and to see more beautiful stephanotis bridal bouquets, click here.

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