September 10, 2012

A Guest Blog - Chris, Sophie, and Charlie's Road Trip

I am the proud aunt of Chris and Sophie Herbert and their brother, Charlie Plimpton.  This past August, the three siblings and a dog, spent 4 days together on a road trip and captured these images with their iPhones.

(Written by Chris)  At the beginning of August, I was scheduled to travel out west to join Tim, my husband, who had taken a job at the Aspen Music Festival in beautiful Aspen, Colorado.  Because we wanted our dog, Pumpkin, with us, I needed to make the journey by car.  New York City to Colorado is quite a trek and I convinced my sister, Sophie, and my brother, Charlie, to drive with me.  After picking up the rental car in Connecticut and then spending the night in Brooklyn, we took off on our 4-day journey across America.  We had a fantastic time as siblings, and Pumpkin was quite a trooper, as well.  I hope you enjoy our photos and captions!

[albumid2 id=SophieCharlieAndChrisSRoadTrip]