October 26, 2012

A Visit to Chichester Cemetery

The Town of Bedford, New York, where I live, has a very rich history.  So much of that history can be discovered by visiting the more than thirty burying grounds in the Bedford area.  Cemeteries are considered by many to be eerie places, full of ghosts, but I find them fascinating.  By reading old grave markers, you can find out so much about family lineage and how old or young people were when they passed away.  Recently, Betsy Perreten, my stable manager, has gotten involved with a great group of people who also find graveyards intriguing and well-worth saving.  They call themselves the Friends of Bedford Burying Grounds and working with volunteers, they perform critical tasks, such as clearing overgrowth and straightening and cleaning headstones.  When large repairs are required, a professional conservationist is brought in.  Their goal is conservation and preservation of these outdoor history museums carved in stone.

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