October 17, 2012

The Bedford Riding Lanes Association Barn Tour

As I’ve written in this blog before, the Bedford Riding Lanes Association (BRLA) is a publicly supported, non-profit organization, that maintains and develops the historic system of trails and dirt roads, which extend and connect more than 130 linear miles of trails in the Bedford and Pound Ridge areas.  Many of these trails run through private estates.  This is a wonderful asset for those who ride horses in the area, but even the non-equestrian population can join the BRLA for walking access to these miles and miles of incredible trails.  I try and support the BRLA as much as I can and I’d like to report about their most recent fundraiser, the BRLA Barn Tour, where one gets a peek at some of the stunning barns and farms in the Bedford area.

[albumid2 id=BRLABarnTour101512]