October 19, 2012

This Autumn's Bridal Market Party

This year’s fall bridal market was held in New York City from October 12th to the 15th.  This bi-annual event showcases the very best in wedding-related fashion, beauty, themes, and trends.  It provides invaluable inspiration for future brides, magazine editors, boutique buyers, and anyone else who may be a part of the highly lucrative wedding industry.  To coincide, Martha Stewart Weddings hosted our annual Bridal Market Party in our Starrett Lehigh Clerestory on Monday night of this week.  This celebration gives Martha Stewart Weddings and bridal industry guests a great opportunity to network and showcase their talent and business.  As we were planning the food and décor, we thought it would be great if someone could actually get married at our party, and as it turns out, that’s exactly what happened.  Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant, who have been traveling the world having unofficial wedding ceremonies agreed to celebrate with us.  And guess who married them this time?  I did!

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