November 30, 2012

What You May Not Know About Tree Removal

As I keep reporting, we're still cleaning up after the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, as so many beautiful old trees were uprooted or snapped like toothpicks.  There was a stand of stately white pines near a corner of the greenhouse that were battered beyond saving.  I would have had them cut down completely except for the fact that we've been nurturing climbing hydrangea vines for several years that have been growing up the trunks of those trees.  My friend and arborist, Ralph Robbins of SavATree, said he could top them off leaving the equivalent of pine columns.  Interesting, I thought!  Ralph also suggested bringing in a tree crane for the operation.  Because the pines were so close to the greenhouse and another tree, a spruce, so near the tenant house, a crane could lift the log segments safely and really speed the entire job up.  I hope you enjoy this rather informative blog about tree removal.

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