December 5, 2012

How to Replace a Granite Post

During the first week of November, many parts of the northeast were blanketed with nearly a foot of wet and heavy snow.  Snowfall at such an early date can be very damaging to trees, as so many of them still haves leaves at that time of year.  Fortunately, Hurricane Sandy blew most of those leaves off when she passed through in October and the snow caused little, if any, snow damage at the farm.  Oddly, what did break were two granite posts that act as uprights for the wire supports in the raspberry patch.  You may recall me mentioning that I acquired a whole shipment of antique granite posts from China, which are used for uprights on pergolas and as plant and tree supports in many areas of the farm.  Replacing the uprights in the raspberry patch was no small feat and it required a good deal of time and manpower.  I thought I'd show you what was involved.

[albumid2 id=FixingThePosts]