January 25, 2013

A Book Party for "Love in the Time of Algorithms" by Dan Slater

As I mentioned on yesterday's blog, Dan Slater, my brand new nephew who just got married to my niece, Sophie, has a book, just released called Love in the Time of Algorithms: What Technology Does to Meeting and Mating. It's really quite a fascinating read about the vast world of online dating and how it is affecting, what has been, the social norm.  When Dan and Sophie started to talk about a book party, I offered one of the showrooms at my offices in the spacious Starrett Lehigh Building in New York City for the event.  Of course, Dan had the good sense to hire Chef Pierre Schaedelin to cater the affair.  Congratulations, Dan and may you sell a lot of books!

[albumid2 id=DanSlaterBookSigning]