March 7, 2013

Visiting The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on Eleuthera

Last weekend, my good friend Shelby White, extended an invitation to our mutual friends, Memrie Lewis, Judy and Michael Steinhardt, Rob Wynne and to me to join her at her home on Eleuthera in the Bahamas.  Shelby had a really fun weekend planned for us and I would like to share a special tour we were given at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve.  The Preserve was conceived and developed by Shelby, trustee of the Leon Levy Foundation, in honor of her late husband.  The park is a true representation of their love and devotion for Eleuthera and the Bahamas.  Operated by the Bahamas National Trust, this 25-acre national park is the first of its kind on Eleuthera and represents many years of planning and construction.  The Levy Preserve features 1.25 miles of walking trails where visitors can see medicinal plants, beautiful orchids and hardwood trees that are integral to Eleuthera’s botanical history.

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