May 16, 2013

Doing It - A Very Interesting and Informative Podcast

Recently, my niece Sophie Herbert started a new podcast called Doing It with former Martha Stewart Living Radio and WNYC producer Fannie Cohen.  Previously, these two passionate, young women worked together on Life Coaching with Sophie, a daily live show Sophie hosted and Fannie produced on my former SiriusXM radio channel.  Last month, they visited my farm to conduct an interview with my arborist, SavATree Founder Ralph Robins, for an upcoming episode about trees.

Here’s a little more from Sophie:

Fannie and I are in the midst of creating the next few episodes of Doing It. In honor of our Earth and to support our belief that we can make eco-conscious decisions whenever possible, we’re producing two environment-related shows; one is about trees and the other is about the stuff we get rid off, a.k.a. waste.  We’re pretty excited to roll out these interviews over the next 2 weeks!  We even hitched a ride with the Department of Sanitation in New York City for the waste show.  After speaking about arboriculture with Ralph Robins (who did a great job!), we ventured to the beautiful Shanti Bithi bonsai nursery in Stamford, CT and visited with founders Jerome and Gayathri Rocherolle and their son Durdam.  As you can see from the photos, this is quite a cool place!  you can listen to the tree episode by clicking here.

Essentially, the Doing It podcast is about our shared modern existence.  We ask what people believe in, why, and how they get by.  You can catch all the earlier episodes, which explore topics such as attention, creativity, social activism and even homemade pickles, for free on iTunes.  We hope by sharing this survey of current communities, ethics, passions and ideas that we’ll inspire our listeners to do it for themselves and share their voices with the world in new ways.

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