May 29, 2013

This Year's Peony Party

Spring is a particularly lovely time of year to visit my farm and I try to have some sort of celebration when my showy peony beds are blooming.  Some years I get lucky and have the nicest weather for this event.  Not so this year.  Last week, I invited some of our merchandising designers to come for dinner.  We’ve had a lot of cold, rainy weather, which doesn’t help flowers very much.  The herbaceous peony bed hadn’t even bloomed.  Heavy rain was forecast for the day of the party and the tree peonies for the table decorations were picked the day before.  I had hoped that my guests would enjoy the peony gardens, but those intense storms waylaid that plan.  Still, the group arrived in a lull of the rain, so they were able to explore the greenhouse, the stables, and the grounds.  Afterwards, we all enjoyed a lovely and delicious dinner, another creation of Chef Pierre Schaedelin.

[albumid2 id=20130523PeonyPartyDinnerPrepWithPierre]